London Life: Holidaying at Home

Not far from the suburban bliss of drinking red wine by my garden fireplace, an abundance of surprises line the London streets. It seems a crying shame that I so often skim over many of these wonders, until provoked to explore by a visiting friend demanding a tour guide. It took but a single afternoon… Continue reading London Life: Holidaying at Home


Brussels: through the blur of a billion Belgian beers

Our mini-break to Brussels felt somewhat cursed: booked to go during the famous Christmas Markets last November, we were thwarted by the city being under counter-terrorism lock down. Between then and now, our group dwindled in numbers (some simply getting the dates wrong and arriving a day late), our exchange rate plummeted and I had… Continue reading Brussels: through the blur of a billion Belgian beers

Glorious Glastonbury: an ode.

There are few events that could have dragged me away from the adventures and hedonism of South American traveller life, but the infinitely higher levels of hedonism on offer at Glastonbury festival is the one that brought me back across the Atlantic. Leagues above any other music festival, the collective strength of feeling amongst a… Continue reading Glorious Glastonbury: an ode.

My Top Travel Tips (for what to pack)

Whilst I obviously don't need to stress the importance of basics like a waterproof, windproof jacket, some comfortable shoes and plenty of clean knickers, I've also discovered a few less immediately obvious things that have (or could have) made my trip all the better. This list is by no means all-encompassing. Sadly, try as I… Continue reading My Top Travel Tips (for what to pack)

Week twenty two: the end of a Latino era

Knowing that I have to resume real life all too soon, I have been thoroughly enjoying taking a holiday from my own brain. You know how the story goes: Girl meets boy; girl makes friends; girl makes everyone make her decisions for her. Aptly, in a city named after a river, I've been blissfully floating… Continue reading Week twenty two: the end of a Latino era

Week twenty one: clouds and caipirinhas

My first week in Rio has been exciting and full of delights, but I have been plagued by feeling utterly useless! After more than five months being an independent, semi-Spanish-speaking survivor, I have regressed to being a totally useless and helpless gringa. I didn't realise quite how much basic Spanish I knew, until I realised… Continue reading Week twenty one: clouds and caipirinhas

Week Twenty: birthday, burgers, buses, boats and bye bye Buenos Aires

I began the week/ I turned 22 in the best way I know how: in the crowded, dimly lit, most happening hotspot in Palermo: Burger Joint. Aside from their distorted megaphone cruelly tricking you into thinking your name is being called, their burgers (and curry ketchup) are the stuff dreams are made of. Throw in… Continue reading Week Twenty: birthday, burgers, buses, boats and bye bye Buenos Aires

Week Nineteen: back and forth to BA

Alongside yet more foodie hotspots around Palermo, I also indulged in a few (admittedly, not all that many) cultural pursuits this week. The first of these was a trip to the MALBA: the Museum of Latin-American Art. The name led me to expect all sorts of indigenous, Andean colours and handicrafts; so, imagine my surprise… Continue reading Week Nineteen: back and forth to BA

Week Eighteen: severe body clock jet lag in BA

Staying in the hip and stylish Palermo neighbourhood, much of my last week has revolved around exploring the shops, cafes and bars on offer. Working my way through a list from my friend Sophia (and honorary local) I've been eating extravagantly and multi-culturally for just about every meal; the budgeting and dieting can wait! On… Continue reading Week Eighteen: severe body clock jet lag in BA

Week Seventeen: student vibes and skydives

Within ten minutes of arriving in my hostel in Córdoba, I had made a new friend and convinced her to sign up for skydiving with me; I knew I was going to like this town! First point of business in any new city is to navigate your way around a free walking tour; soaking up… Continue reading Week Seventeen: student vibes and skydives