Finding what you’re looking for

If you are interested in certain things I have to muse about, but couldn’t care less about the others, please feel free to filter out the background noise by choosing a specific category (although they may occasionally overlap, such is the complex mess going on inside my brain- sorry!)

By way of a contents page:

Travel Babble: As I globetrot, I’ll be attempting to keep those back home in the know. So if you want some of my latest stories, insights, or just to check that I’m still alive, check out the ‘Travel’ tab.

Theatre Reviews: Coming from a relatively ‘lovey’ background, studying the dramatic texts of two English Literature degrees and treading the boards for fifteen years myself,  I relish the chance to see anything live that may be thrown my way. From going backstage, darling, at West End musicals, to navigating a shed, in a carpark, in Hackney Wick to see a semi-pornographic update of Ibsen, I like to think my palate is relatively all-encompassing. I unapologetically adore Shakespeare, but in the interest of being a well-rounded audience member and general human being, I also like to pursue plays I’ve never heard of, based on their writers, cast, or sometimes just generally eerie vibe.

So, in short, if you want my opinion of some of the shows I see, then please peruse the ‘Theatre Reviews’ tab.

N.B. Of late, I have branched out beyond my blog. If you are still interested in catching my theatrical musings, please check out the latest at on The State of the Arts.

Semi-deep Thoughts: From time to time, my posts may (attempt) to take an intellectual tangent of sorts. If this is the kind of vibe you’re looking for, please do seek out the  ‘Semi-deep Thoughts’ tab to find a congregation of this particular brand of musings!

General Wonderment: And finally, the place for everything else: a selection of my most weird and wonderful musings. There’s no theme, there are just thoughts written down; because, why not?!

Like what you see? Then please do check out my newest venture: Harpy. Covering ‘pop culture, politics and the promotion of female voices’, we have created a platform for colourful comments, (tasteful) rants, and just generally unleashing creativity. We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive page, where we can get to the nitty gritty of what really matters, and, most importantly, have a laugh whilst doing it.