Week fifteen: wine and sunshine

Having left tourist-town and rejoined the real, city world, it was time to undertake some 'real world tasks'. Namely, doing three weeks worth of laundry and getting my legs waxed. Seems mundane, but was in fact rather an unexpected experience! First off, myself and a group of elderly local women were left waiting on the… Continue reading Week fifteen: wine and sunshine


Week fourteen: all plans thwarted by rain, lethargy and chocolate

After arriving back onto the mainland from Chiloé, I had grand plans to make it across to Argentina. Unfortunately, having missed the only bus headed that way, I found myself trapped in rainy Chile. Wanting to make the best of the situation, I decided to add the tourist town of Puerto Varas to the itinerary.… Continue reading Week fourteen: all plans thwarted by rain, lethargy and chocolate

Week thirteen: cake, coincidences and Chiloé

Just as I was getting up and out of my less than talkative hostel, the 'small world' cliché proved itself best yet as I bumped into Denny, a guy I went to university with, sat casually in the reception. Naturally I latched onto him and his friends, and after having done a day hike up… Continue reading Week thirteen: cake, coincidences and Chiloé

Week twelve: culture, nature and roast dinner

Whilst Tam did uni, convalesced and generally faced real life, Charlie and I dedicated ourselves to more cultural pursuits. From a photographic exhibition in the basement of La Moneda to an unsuccessful attempt to visit another of Pablo Neruda's houses, we immersed ourselves in Chilean history, identity and pride. The highlight of Santiago's cultural offerings… Continue reading Week twelve: culture, nature and roast dinner