Week eleven: halfway holiday

Exactly half way through my South American sojourn, I decided I had earned the right to do nothing for a while; a holiday from my holiday, if you will. Thus I am still staying with Tam in Santiago. However, I did still manage to maintain some level of touristing, rather than just sinking into Santiago… Continue reading Week eleven: halfway holiday


Week ten: snap back to reality (of sorts)

Following our trip through the desert, we finally arrived in Chile... In the desert. San Pedro de Atacama is a quaint border town, akin to travelling back in time to the Wild West. Sandy streets and not a single cloud in the sky. Despite this somewhat backwards setting, Chile instantly marked itself out as much… Continue reading Week ten: snap back to reality (of sorts)

Week nine (and a bit): beautiful and bizarre Bolivia

I began the week in Sucre, the proudly UNESCO named 'White City' because of all the looming colonial architecture still standing. This world heritage beauty however is largely confined to the main plaza, whilst the rest of the city buzzes with all the chaos, crowds and colour one might be more accustomed to in South… Continue reading Week nine (and a bit): beautiful and bizarre Bolivia

Week eight: altitude and adrenaline

A mere three flights (and countless plane meals) from Galápagos, I was far from the sweaty sea-level island life as I landed in La Paz. La Paz buzzes with activity. Whilst the streets are permanently gridlocked and everything looks a little run down, there's a hive of busyness to soak in. That is if you… Continue reading Week eight: altitude and adrenaline

Week seven: more like Galapa-GREAT

From a very young age, when perhaps a Cinderella dress would have been more becoming, I lived day in, day out, in an oversized t-shirt (a gift from my Godfather) with a Galápagos Frigate bird plastered across the front. For some time I thought that 'Galápagos' was just the name of the bird, so imagine… Continue reading Week seven: more like Galapa-GREAT