Week six: impulsiveness followed by overdue idleness

Finally we made it out of Baños; I was feeling substantially better, whilst Harry was at a particularly low, rum-induced ebb. Perfect day to spend on a bus down to Cuenca, with nothing to see but clouds and a dubbed action movie. We got brave (or lazy) and adopted the local attitude to buses: no… Continue reading Week six: impulsiveness followed by overdue idleness


Week five: rain, rain, go away!

First week in Ecuador has been pretty liquid heavy- be it measured in alcohol consumed, rain absorbed or rivers fallen in. We began in Quito, where all the sights are best enjoyed by climbing up things. From our glamorous hostel roof terrace, we could pick and choose the best spots to go exploring the sprawling… Continue reading Week five: rain, rain, go away!

Week four: jailbreak from Colombia

As previously alluded to, I began the week in Cali- Colombia's third city and the salsa capital. Travelling there solely on impulse (because a flight was cheaper than buses to anywhere else) it ended up being totally unlike anything I had expected. The city seemed to sprawl far and wide and, thanks to the abundance… Continue reading Week four: jailbreak from Colombia

Week three: aptly split between three cities

Other than wandering around Medellin, between churches and their adjacent prostitutes (pragmatic for confessing sins I suppose), I started the week with a couple of day trips out of the hustle bustle of the city. First stop: Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol. Guatapé itself is an idyllically colourful, lakeside town. Vibrant murals transform each street… Continue reading Week three: aptly split between three cities